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Speaking of Life™ helps you discover your Life Languages™ by providing one of the most innovative tools in the marketplace today. Speaking of Life provides this tool
in seminars, workshops and one on one coaching to strengthen your communication skills and in turn, becoming more effective in your sphere of influence in any environment. The principles of our program will empower you and your organization to become more efficient in dealing with conflict resolution and team building resulting in a culture of integrity and success!
We have been in the board rooms and living rooms around the world and one thing remains constant….people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Speaking of Life helps everyone communicate care.

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  1. With a SOL for everyone on your team, we will be ready to get started. Soon, your office will be on the way to victory!
  2. Once we've taken you through our entire Speaking of LIFE System you will be flying high together in Character Centered Communication
  3. Showing your staff the best character development system on the market, you will be able to say goodbye to the affice back-stab!
  4. We will kick it off with a little pep-rally: a workshop,giving you an interview of the Speaking of LIFE.
  5. Taking the slow and steady approach,we will show your group the Speaking of LIFE System Communication Key to Success
  6. Let us fireproof your organization! With our program, your team will be ready to extinguish those fires together! No more Backdrafts!
  7. With our playbook, the Speaking of LIFE system, your team will be running a smooth offense and hitting the end zone time after time!
  8. We show you the road to Character Centered Communication